Tips to Declutter Your Home

Dated: 08/13/2020

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Preparing your home to sell requires presenting a house that is attractive to buyers. Decluttering is a must, especially if you're going to be living in the home while it's on the market, and you're choosing not to stage it. Decluttering will help you potentially sell your home faster as well as sell it for a better price. It can feel overwhelming at first, but I assure you the process can be broken down into manageable steps.  

1. Take photos of what you're up against. You might think things look pretty good until you see your home with the camera's unflinching eye. Photograph every room from multiple angles, and you'll begin to understand what buyers will see. Don't forget to snap the closets, laundry rooms, and garage.

2. Plan a room-by-room attack. The preparation process doesn't have to be done in a day, a weekend, or even a week. Depending on your timeline, tackle as much or as little as you can reasonably manage before burning out. If you attempt too much at once, you may make unfortunate compromises about what stays and what goes.

3. Use a checklist.  When you are assessing a room, list what needs to addressed and then the order in which it makes the most sense to do it. Visualizing the process will prevent you from wasting time. 

4. Be ruthless. Look at the clothes you haven't worn in years, the piles and boxes in the garage you haven't opened in years, and the shelves of unread or dispensable books. 

5. Stay motivated. Tell yourself: Less is more. Remind yourself: Every box that goes to Goodwill is a box you won't have to lift, relocate, and unpack on moving day. The filtering process is an opportunity to refresh your life!

6. Pile it up. Sort things into "give away," "throw away," and "sell." Some items can go to friends, and others can go to charity. 


Once decluttering is underway, here are some tips on what to focus on in the high traffic areas of your home:

Front Yard: It is easy to forget the outside curb appeal of your home when you are preparing to sell. If you have children, remember to organize and declutter the outdoor toys.

Entryway: The first impression of the inside of your home will be your entryway. Our entryway in my house is where we hang our coats and take off our shoes. If your entryway is the same way, go through your shoes and coats, and make space for potential buyers to hang their jackets when touring your home. 

Pictures: For potential buyers, declutter the artwork, photographs, and hanging hooks, especially in hallways. Fewer items will create a clean, crisp look. 

Kitchen, living room, bathrooms, & laundry room: I've categorized these rooms together because all of them have a similar decluttering tip. For all of these rooms, the moto is 'clean and clear.' For the living room, remove magazines, excessive pillows, and organize bookshelves. For the kitchen and bathroom, keep the countertops empty and clear. Lastly, for the laundry room, put away all cleaning products to create a clean space. 


I hope this helps you with the decluttering process. Once your decluttered and ready to sell, contact me!

Contact me at (928) 710-9148

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Tips to Declutter Your Home

Preparing your home to sell requires presenting a house that is attractive to buyers. Decluttering is a must, especially if you're going to be living in the home while it's on the market, and you're

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